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How to get into the old forum archives?

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OK, so I'm illiterate when it comes to a lot of computer stuff, and my tech support is not here right now. I have tried everything I could to figure out how to get into the old forum and cannot do it. Using the search engine has been totally worthless to me. I've been looking for the thread where the LEO in Houston shot himself in front of a classroom full of kids and parents. I use the search "stupid cop" and get responses for "stupid," I use the search for "Leo shoots himself" and I get responses for "shoots," etcetera. And it doesn't seem that I've even able to get into the old forum archives. I seem to remember that there was an icon to click onto, but I can't seem to find it now. Any help with IT, not just a link to the stupid cop? The link would be nice too, but I'd like to update my IT ability too. Thanks, and

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