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I posted yesterday that I had received a badly cracked stock from J&G yesterday. While Im waiting for the replacement, I decided to try my hand at fixing the stock. Ive done this before with good results, but never on a crack this bad. Now please, before you go off about the aesthetics of this repair, please remember this is intended for beater stocks with little or no collector value.

This is the original crack:

Step 1: Clean the stock the best you can without causing further damage. Spray the inside of the crack with brake cleaner or some other kind of aggressive degreaser. Next is to clamp the stock, mark where you want to drill through and then take the plunge and put a hole in your stock.

Step 2: Take the clamps off, open the crack and spread epoxy inside the crack. Then, chuck up your brass rod in a drill. (I used a common brass bolt with the head cut off. Now, MAKE SURE you lubricate the brass rod...spread epoxy all over it. Screw the rod into the stock until it pokes out the other side.

Once it dries, cut off the ends, file them down and sand and fill as you see fit. The last picture was after I sanded and washed the entire stock with some Simple Green and a hose. Ill go back later and add some stain and maybe wood filler.

Again, this isnt museum quality restoration. Ill use this as a display or backup stock. I also like the way the brass rod looks, gives it a 'battlefield repair' kind of feel. I hope some of you can dust off some old broken stocks and make use of this mini tutorial. Enjoy.
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