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How to SBR

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How do I go about papering and building a short barrel rifle? Thanks for the help
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You will have to engrave your name, city and state onto the reciever as you are the manafacturer of the sbr, however you will re use the serial number stamped on the reciever by the original manafacturer. If it were me, and I like factory looking engravings instead of electropencil stuff, I would have all of my info engraved prior to filling out the paperwork. The reason being if something happens and the reciever gets lost or damaged going to the engraver after the paperwork is filed, you now are dealing with an nfa weapon, whereas, if you have your info engraved on it prior to filing paperwork and the reciever is damaged or lost, you are just out the cost of the reciever and not the $200 stamp as well as the hassles that are involved when an nfa weapon is lost. Just remember you are not legally allowed to put the barrel on the gun until it is engraved and you have the tax stamp, but you dont have to have paperwork to engrave your info on a gun.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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