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I made a RPG-7 lava lamp.

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For starters, this was not my idea. Somebody else made one and posted it to the internets, I was inspired. I already had a dummy (training) RPG, all I needed was the lava lamp. 30 bucks later, some steel pipe, a few pop rivets and some paint (and a little welding for the base).....here it is......I just plugged it in. Guess I have to wait a few hours for the first time for the wax to really circulate. What do y'all think?

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I love it but is it NY compliant? Most kids will look at that today and ask "What is it and what does it do?"
Of course they know what it is. They all play Call of Warfare Special forces medal of Honor. In the video games you can carry like 10 of them. But none of them have the HSHW. (hippy seeking happiness warhead)

As for NY compliant......I figure that lava lamps are most often associated with drug use.....and in NY drugs are legal and encouraged, so Im sure this will be an exception to our very stringent and effective anti gun laws.
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Very cool Scott! I saw one recently on Instagram and thought about making one too. Looks like you beat me to it. What size lamp did you use?
I think it was 16". 30 bucks on amazon.
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