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I must be doing something wrong....help

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Just recieved a colt 1928 tripod, But I can't mount my 1917a1 into it. Back fits ok but the Front pin holes are a good half inch to low. The gun pintles and the front part of the gun hits the main tripod support yoke. There seems to be ears on the side of the tripod side plates which might be pivited upwards but that would make the mount half as strong and hold the gun sloppy as hell. Is there an adapter or something I need to get or make?
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Sounds like your 17 is a reproduction gun. I believe his new water jackets are made as exact copies of a 1917 and they will fit on the 28 tripod no problem, however the earlier ones will not fit the 28 pod. This in no way takes away from the excellent craftsmanship that went into that first batch of repro jackets.
If you are serious about buying a 1917 pod, now is the end of the best time in this century to get them. Once oow runs out, they will go up substantially in price and be difficult to find, just like the 28's did. It will not be a bad investment whether you use it or not.
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