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I need your opinions Vulcan Arms V50 .50 cal

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I was looking at this weapon at Bulletfest. Ammostore is selling them. I value the opinions of the people who post here so I'm asking, for 1,599.00 is this a good buy?
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Here's what one Vulcan/Hesse owner did with his after spending several hundred more to try and get it safe to shoot!

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Run FAR away! And don't look back!

Just the name Hesse/Vulcan should be all the warning that you need.
sure only if you wish severe injury or death while shooting it
it is the only gun ever banned from FCSA competition due to it`s poor construction ,design ,materials , heat treat,fit and finish !!!

you dont want to be any where near one while it is being fired spectators are at risk too
Spend an extra $1000 and get the AR-50. I have had a chance to shoot one and I have heard really good things about them. It is on my list for summer buys.
Lots of other 50's out there to choose from. You'll have to spend a little more but you'll have a good rifle.
No come on guys...what do you really think?

Don't they also come with a free full suit of NOS Point Blank body armor? :rolleyes:
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I was kind of looking at them too but not too serious. Why would they even sell something that will blow-up?
what is the name of the fifty with the 3-5 rnd side mount mag on an ar15 receiver - harbor smething?
it is the Ultra Mag 50 by Safety Harbor Firearms www.ultramag50.com

very nice i own one off handable if you can handle a 26 LB rifle like i can ,
3 or 5 round mags mine has the 22" barrel well built great fit and finish works on any AR-15 lower only requires hammer be changed out (though a little fitting and stoning makes it a fair trigger or a JARD 50 cal trigger pack )
ya know

i never thought that the ar-15 lower was a stable enough platform for the .50 but i saw a guy at the range last week that was blasting the hell out of one. he's got about 6000 rounds out of his and he loves it. http://www.ferret50.com/

btw, he reloads .50 caliber and buys his powder by the ton. (no ****)

ya gotta love that
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