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I want your Sokolov Wheeled mount!

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I want your Sokolov Wheeled mount!

I can trade m122 tripod-T&E-pintle or M2HB .50 parts, or other stuff.

Email me at:

balming at hotmail dot com
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sokolov mount

Hi there .. I have 2 sokolov mounts w bullet shields..(w bullet strikes!!!) I don't need 2 , what I do need is a vickers # 4 tripod like the one my uncle used in ww2... that would fit both the maxim and the 1919. :) I've got an army book that a friend gave me ( hey dude ,,ah ,,,,could this be useful to you ?? it was my grandfathers from his time in the service in the '30s )that shows the care and feeding of browning mg's and it lists the the vickers as a secondary use tripod......

If anyone can't use their shield with your 1919 I need a shield for my maxim build. I have the wheeled mount but no shield.
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