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From everything I've read in the last few months AA produces a fine 1919A4 with minimal problems and resolves any problems that might occur. They seem to be unlike an earlier darling on this board (ORF) who turned out sub-par product for a quick $ and then has basically abandoned the 1919 community.

AA's $989 special is hard to beat so surely give it some consideration. Hopefully, I too can order a couple soon before they end it.

However, you might also want to give Mark Jacobs at Black Bear a call if you prefer a Cadillac! Almost double AA (less if you provide your own kit) but, like everything else you get what you pay for! Mark has is own ATF approved semi design that's been around as long as the one that everyone else is copying. I think I heard recently that he's back-logged and if so I'm glad to hear it. Mark was one of the original guys to provide services to other folks interested in 1919s.

Mark/BB has been here since the beginning of 1919a4.com (not just the new board, but the "old" board, and before that - the original board) and has certainly outlasted a wide variety of vendors. Does anyone remember Bill, then Kevin, then Kevin and Bill?? Dealt with both, nice guys but only Mark seems to remain in business from the "old" days!
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