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Imports from overseas...

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I've got a good friend over in Afghanistan right now and he's had the good fortune to come upon a local merchant who has offered to sell him a number of vintage firearms at dirt cheap prices. These weapons are all early-late 19th century and they all have factory stamps and appear to be French, German and British for the most part. For instance, I know there are a lot of 1858 and 1863 Enfields. There are also many pistols of unknown origin. Some are in ok condition while others are definitely showing the wear from being passed down from generation to generation. Most of the rifles have bayonets as well. I believe all of these weapons are relics and do not qualify under the "war trophy" amendments.

So here are my initial questions...

1) is it possible to import these weapons into the country. I assume it is if we go through the right channels

2) what licenses do we need to import them and pick them up at the dock? FFL? C&R?

3) what taxes apply?

4) is there a way to transfer them once they in the country without an FFL?

5) what is in demand for these types of weapons? The dealer said he can get anything from French, British or German. Are there particular models that we should look out for or try to acquire?

6) what can I tell my friend to look for to verify authenticity?

7) are there any special characteristics we can look for in order to increase demand/value?

I've asked my friend to provide me with a complete inventory ASAP so I know exactly what we're dealing with...the problem is, the dealer says he can get virtually ANYTHING...In the meantime, here are some pictures of what we've got:

Thanks in advance...
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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