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In Nevada......

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Well, I am working in Nevada...near Reno, this will be my 5th week coming up. I love the desert and the ghost towns...and the wide open spaces that allow for a man to do what he will. It seems that the laws are there more to protect than to tear down what a man has and can do....Im from Texas....and still on the small farms and desert towns there, i still find the spirit of Texas...but i must say that i have found it here in Nevada as well...folks wishing to be left alone to do as they please. If Texas ever refused federal aid and did something so utterly crazy as our forfathers...i would hope Nevada would follow....but then it may be Nevada that leads the dance.

The only problem here...i cannot get a firearm for the desert....being out of state i cannot get one. Any NON-DEALER want to sell me a rifle of any sort for a few weeks and then buy it back when i fly out (at a profit for you)?...then of course if i have brought if back in worse shape than you expected...you have my money. old ak, one of those 9mm carbines....anything 300 bucks or under...i just do not feel whole out there exploring ghost towns on seemingly another planet without a firearm. Contrary to what the athorities in some places would have you believe...the govt cannot save you out there....cell phones don't work and not even at night can lights be seen in any direction.....it is not prudent to be in such places without arms.

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guns in Nevada

When I lived out the 15 years ago you could pick up just about any thing at the flea market,I got my first .45 at one for $200, there used to be a good one in sparks, ask around I'm sure there are some still running, get there early so you can beat the mexicans, they buy any shotgun and pistol they can get, most probably end up south of the border, good luck!
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