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You probably had a harder time than this in basic training!
Keep the faith soldier, and DON'T QUIT.

I too bought a new one of AA 1919A4s back in January, and have never had a problem with it. Although I shoot mine in 7.62x51 only. Never have used a headspace guage on it, just use the 3 clicks out from barrel extension lockup method.

Join us on the 50 BMG board for interesting talk: www.m2hb.net Seen many an M2 headspaced and timed with nickles, dimes and ID tags over the years. I've carried the same H&T gauge for the last 17 years given to me by my first platoon sergeant. It's made two trips to the Gulf and back. Wouldn't trade it for its weight in gold...

SFC Buckner
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