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Trying out me new tool for the drive pin. Getting to lazy to build my own stuff. I'm converting to 30-06, so as long I got her apart, might as well look in the holes and see how she is.

I found a great deal of dirt in the drive pin hole. Think this could be part of the poor feed problem? The further in the hole ya go, the dirtier she is. Also, like in other posts, the extractor/ejector is worn. But I see no worn counter parts.

Extractor/ Ejector

Drive Pin Spring

Drive Pin Hole

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Assuming your bolt was sand blasted and parked as part of the build, it is probably blast media that never got cleaned out. I learned the hard way to always clean out all the orifices after sand blasting parts. That stuff gets in everywhere and it won't always come out with just compressed air.

Oh, and your extractor looks okay. That is not unusual condition. Not a bad idea to have a spare around, though. Swapping one part at a time is a good way to check what might be causing a malfunction, but it isn't always due to a bad component.
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