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The fix may be in!! All of you guys out there should realize what a big mountain there is to climb to defeat the Obongo Political machine. Being a former life long Chicago resident who just could not stand it anymore I had to defect from DEMORAT Land-- Most of the people in Chicago in the know; will freely brag how the political machine in CHicago stole the election in 1960 for JFK--

Now recent news-- When Obongo popped his head up in the political arena in Chicago; he didn't have a place to be on the ticket-- so what did the machine do?? they got another Democrat disqualified for fake signatures on the nominating petition; Yes-- alleged voters that were registered but supposedly lived in vacant lots; subway stations and a Bill Murrays' favorite place--Cub's Park !! Funny how many voters had addresses that were cemetaries--They were at that address but were slightly dead; some for over 100 years-- but they were all voting on absentee ballots !!

Another cute one is that nursing home residents vote also; Some cannot see or talk or move but they all vote Democratic ! The nurses aids all fill out the forms for them so they can exercize their voting rights- Vote Democratic 100% every election !! Fear to say that there are any Republicans in nursing homes !

Think I am kidding In Chicago the land of non-oppertunity if you work for the city it is not what you know; it is who you know !! The old major power Broker was Rep Dan Rostenkowski; that was before he had to go to jail for stealing money from his postage stamp account!! Most of the big city jobs were mandated by him; personally; Police district commanders fire chiefs; etc funny how many were his friends or somehow related to him-- All were so untouchable in what they did and crimes they committed; Just think Ted Kennedy would be president right now if Old Rostenkowski was his clout !!

The new power brokers are quiet and deep behind the scenes. After Hillary was in Chicago ; she got the snub from the Machine and moved to New York-- Gee that worked good!! Still didn't get on the ticket !! If Daley wanted Hillary on the ticket she would be on it-- King Richie Daley still is sitting in rooms figuring out what to do; do not believe that Obongo is his own man-- He has so many people pulling strings from the back room he must need to ask permission to use the ladies room.

Obongo is a manufactured candidate that does not tell a lie; he just mis-speaks-- Wonder if Richie Daley spanks him once a week-- Corruption is so deep in Chicago land that it makes me ill just thinking of it !
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