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JB Trading Co, LLC ? MG Shoot ? Northwest Arkansas
269 CR 9204
Alpena, AR 72611
Carroll County

Next event ? 9 Sep 2006
(important note: last website update shows 16 Sep as the date, this is wrong and will be changed shortly ? 9 Sep is the correct date)

Gates open at 7:00 for setup
The firing line goes hot at 9:00 and runs till 6:00
We run 45 minutes hot, 15 cold.

A great variety of targets downrange: tannerite, 55g drums, ? steel plate, pop up steel targets, ballistictec polymer targets, bowling pins, wood logs, misc appliances

Firing line is approximately 100 meters long, down range is approximately 250 meters

Tracers will be determined by county ?burn ban? status ? currently No tracers due to the burn ban being in place

The event is well run with a professional range PA system, safety horns, first aid kits, electric and lighting on the firing line. We have designated parking for shooters/vendors and separate parking for spectators.

12? position is $25.00; individual 3? position is $7.00

Spectator - $3.00
Under 12 - $1.00

Location map and directions are available on the web site as is additional range information.
Email now and reserve a spot before it is too late.

Thank you
JB Trading Co, LLC
[email protected]
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