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Just got my B-Day present

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Bought myself one of Emorys Spadegrip Cranks for my B-Day and all I can say is UN F...ING BELEIVABLE. The quality of this man's work is second to none. I don't see how he can manufacture this product for the price he sells them for. You can shoot semi with the bar or turn the crank and let it Rock and Roll.It even has a safety! The way I see it is that I got about $ 700.00 worth of Spadegrips and Crankfire for $ 500.00. Emory, You are without a doubt a genius and a class act to boot.:)
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congrats dhuchz, you always get the right gift when you get it yourself:D
Yep, I always seem to pick the right gift for myself MC.:D
Happy B Day Dave! What are ya now 60? HA Bring them grips and gun down and lets try it out, throw some fire and noise out that shorty, we can even have a match to see who throws more.
Happy birthday Bud!
Will do Wayne, and maybe it's just me but the SpadeCrank seems to run faster than my pistol grip crank!:) Wouldn't that be cool? I'm already runnin like a striped ass ape with the pistol grip crank. Can't wait to shoot with it.:D
I gotta get one!I saw Daves and my cnin dropped WOW!Never been interested in a crank before,But that thing is the best thing since can beer!Great job Emory!I,m gunna order one as soon as I save up alittle more money.
With all the crank systems you just have to make sure that you have plenty of ice for your sholder because you will be doing the Murtha shuffle. The AW-SIM is the way to go.
The Crank doesn't hurt your shoulder at all Mullet, about the SIM, explain the system. I've heard just a little about it.
FN Kommiefornia! :mad:
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