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Knob Creek in Oct........??

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Hello all,

I am new to the board and a buddy and I are thinking of attending the Knob Creek shoot/show in Oct.

Having never been to one, any insight or tips would be greatly appreciated.

We live in Indiana and will having to stay in the area.
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It will rain so be prepared!! Well, it may not. It will be noisy so bring ear protection.

The most important advice is bring plenty of money. There are some deals that rival 'good' gun shows. You are not limited to Class III stuff. The major retailers like Century, Centerfire Systems, Cope's, the Ammunition store and a whole lot more will be there.

One piece of advice is to avoid the traffic. You have several choices. Camping on site has some advantages. There is basically an upper and lower parking area. The camping area is 'upper' and close to the main entrance. If you plan to stay in the area and plan to camp, you avoid considerable traffic. Get there early on Friday and especially Saturday. It helps to get a spot in the upper parking area.

I presume that you will not have a line position since it will be your first time. There are several things that should not be missed. First, the Saturday evening night shoot is something that is unique. You can rent some stuff for fun. Many of the line shooters will let you use their flamethrowers, .50 cals and other full auto stuff for a fee. Since each machine gun is super expensive now, be prepared to spend a few bucks for the privilege. IIRC flamethrower rental is $150 per tank.

One nice thing is that Knob Creek really knows how to plink. They have multiple fun targets like old cars, old propane tanks, boats and haystacks that burn nicely. Somebody had a 90mm field gun from WWII that the crew handled. The boom was impressive. They used 'handloads' which are the biggest I've seen. It was strange watching them trail it away on Sunday.

The upper firing line is just in front of a building that houses a cafeteria and some shops and stalls. There is a bleacher riser out front for watching the show. The best seats are on the roof and they are great for watching the night show.

At the lower range (not to be confused with the lower parking lot) there are subgun competitions and other full auto firing.

Oh yeah, the staff is super friendly and helpful. They ran an ATV service to help people with walking difficulties....or really heavy ammo loads.

Enjoy the show.
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Tons of fun!

Yes bring lots of money you"ll spend it. You can find a lot of info on camping and hotels and the price to get in the gate if you go on their web site. http://www.machinegunshoot.com I was there this spring and had a ball except for the storm on saturday night. Plan on going thru the gun show a couple of times because you keep finding stuff you missed. Once you have been there you'll definately want to go back.
AND, the people in the area LOVE us! Sheriffs, everybody, (read that "$'".) Park too close to the road? Can't happen! Motel I stayed at had a guntruck, (5 ton with 4/50's, "Ace of Spades?") in the lot and the girl at checkin said "Yeah, we sure do like our deer hunting 'round here."
me and the ol'lady stayed at that same motel.quad 50 was right outside my window. i too will strongly suggest lots of$$$$$.it is so worth it!!! and we drove all the way from long island ny. 2ndamndmnt
Youll be more upset that ya went without money then if ya just didnt go at all. Its a BLAST! The family and i go every year as our family vacation, the wife and kids are more excited about it then me every year.
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