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I live in IL

While I live in Illinois, it is far from Cook Co. For that I am thankful.
It hasn't made me feel any less anxiety as a legal firearm owner though.
I have looked into and plan on soon, moving from this state of persecution to a free state like Indiana.
I have reached the end. I am tired of trying to get folks in Government to act responsibly and legally.
I am tired of lobbying them with my opinion only to be told it has been "noted" and made to feel a criminal.
I am simply tired of the police making me feel uncomfortable while doing nothing wrong.
I will do something about it, I will leave this state of confusion and irrational behavior and leave it for good.
I will leave it for the folks that think this to be the way to treat folks like me.
I hope someday, when this is turned on them, they look to people like me for help only to find us unwilling or unavailable.
I for one will say, you made this bed, time for you to lay in it. I'm tired. Frankly, I'm scared too.

I too have a fear of the "Knock" on my door. I would be in physical distress too as I too am fragile.
My back could not take being treated to SWAT tactics as they entered my house.
I wouldn't resist, why should I be treated like that? But I am sure they would.
Yes, I would sue and probably win damages but that won't heal my back nor my mental state.
This is not America, NO! This is not. Nor do I think it will be until something horrible happens.
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