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Anyone know if Laminatrap is still around? I want to get a linker, placed an order but had sent an email to him first with questions. Still no word... so am just curious.
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I ordered a linker about a month ago and it showed up promptly. What kid of questions did you have? Maybe I can help you out.
Well... its a semi stupid question as it would seem obvious that the answer would be no. But my question was is there any reason you could not use this for 54R. Going with the conversion so.. I figure that its pretty unlikely it would not work.
Cool, thanks for the reply. Can't say I can come up with one way that this could be a problem. Considering I have 1600 rounds of polish heavy ball and a linker on the way, I certainly hope it works. :D
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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