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Last Ten M37 For Sale $3500!!!!!!!!

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Allied Armament has ten m37s left and I am sure they will go fast after this thread is posted. Ever single part on these m37 is fully taken apart and completely refinished . These m37 are the real deal, hands down in my opion are the best rebuilt m37s out there one of the most beautiful guns Allied has ever built. I promise You wont be disappointed unless you miss out on this awesome deal. These m37 will take 6 to 8 weeks to ship but after that there all gone. Allied will no longer carry these weapons. The parts kits have been sold out as well. Pm me or give me a call at the office asap. The office #is 503-543-5154 my cell is 503-608-2536.. Make sure and ask for ryan.. you can also see pics on our website at alliedarmament.com Thanks

Ryan Wohlgemuth
[email protected]
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Here is a write up about the M37 as well as a review of one of the semiautos we built. Jon Moran aka liberatorcrew/nosegunner from this site did the review http://www.browningmgs.com/M37.htm
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