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The answer to your question comes only after another question! What caliber are you shooting?

Izzy links work with the "Big Three" calibers... .308 (7.62 NATO), .30-06, and 8mm. They function with the proper spacers and barrel.

USGI links work with 8mm and .30-06. They can be MADE to work with .308, however you have to use care with how deep you seat the rounds in the links. To use them, seat the round until JUST the bullet extends past the front loop of the link. If you seat it further, your going to have problems. (...not to say you won't anyway, but others, including myself, have used this combo)

If you are planning on shooting 8mm or .308, I'd say go with Izzy links, even if you aren't sure. The USGI links are MUCH cheaper, but they can also be a pain in the @$$ with the other calibers.


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Thanks Dave
I would like to shoot all calibers but the reallity of it I will most likely have to do trial and error, I beleive that belt will give no problems but will have to experiment with the style links and just sell off what does not work.
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