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loader hopper

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I got a 1918 Browning loader yesterday, and I'm really facinated by how it works. The one I got won't let the rounds fall down the chute very well. I tried polishing the rails, but the laquer on the 8mm Romanian ammo seems to be the problem. This is taking all the fun out of the process, so I was wondering if anyone has come up with a hopper, similar to the one on the 1928 version. It wouldn't have to be anything fancy, just something that you could drop a bunch of rounds into, and start cranking. I know someone out there has a easy fix for this fantastic loader.
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Maybe a squirt of silicone spray.
How about using a little automotive silicone/teflon type wax. Let dry and lightly buff. Maybe using a fired case with some valve compound smeared on the channel and running the case head back and forth to smooth out a rough spot, then clean and try the wax job.
Try taking an old hack saw blade and grinding off the teeth. Then wrap it in progressively finer sand paper till you get up 4-600ish. This way you are polishing up the entire T slot. Use a thin piece of plywood to help put pressure on the back of the slot as you move it back and forth with a pair of vice grips.
It worked for my loaders.
Hope this helps,
To answer your question, yes one has been made by Mr Paul Asvitt 480-917-3177 . I have had one for some several years, it works great. Just pour them in.

That wont work either

the rounds are hanging causing the rds to stick instead of slide down the chute..tried everything...seems if you can crank the loader fast enought to create a rapping the rds will fall..someone needs to make a hopper..there used to be a feed tray made..worked well..dont know what happened to them..seen them at knob creek a few years back..gregg
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