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Loading cloth belts by hand.

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I read here that it’s possible but difficult to load belts by hand.
It was also recommended to wear gloves while doing this.
What kind of pansy needs gloves to push bullets into a cloth belt, I asked myself.
40 bullets later, I have a big ol’ blister on my right thumb. Kids, listen to your elders.
With all that said, I think I need a belt loader.

This is as far as I got when I gave up.
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It gets a little better when the belt wears in.
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If you are going to become a man of the cloth I would highly recommend a loader, your fingers will thank you.
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:LOL: did exactly the same last month and had a blister as well after round 40 or so.
I usually do them by hand myself, but I only do it a few at a time, here and there, eventually it gets done!
LOL yep new ones SUCK to load by hand well worn ones are not that bad.
Dang! You made it to 40?!

My first and last time belting by hand I quit after... SEVEN. :oops: No joke!
That looks like one of the cloth belts Sarco sells. Those are eaaaasy to load compared to the actual military ones
I've never tried...

Someplace on this ranch I'm sure I have a loader.
Found the one that does 1 at a time.

I'm sure I bought one ....Its lost in the shop or house somewhere.......Or I'm in a bit of a pickle.
Would love to hear some homemade belt loader ideas...
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