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looking for 1917 trunnion and end cap info

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Does anyone have a photo of the inside (water jacket side) of a 1917a1 bronze trunnion and end cap that they might be willing to share ?

Thanks in advance, :D
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What exactly are you wanting to know? I have taken a half a dozen of them apart to raise dents from the waterjacket. Even though no one has a pic, if you ask your question someone might be able to give you some helpful advice beforueyou "fake" something up:D
I currently have the endcap off of one I am working on. I can get you pics of that, however I dont remove the trunion end usually. These things are soldered so I only remove the necessecary end to get in and raise the dents. I will put up some pics later on.
Hope this helps.
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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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