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Looking For Badger Bob!!!

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:confused: Howdy Pards!
I'm trying to get hold of Badger Bob! I've emailed Him, I've PMed him, but to no avail! I really want to buy one of his Econo Tripods, all I need for him to do is tell me whether or not he takes Pay Pal and how much? when? where?
If anyone knows the best way to contact him?? Gosh! when someone wants ta give me $$$ I'm usually easy ta find! LOL!! Hey BOB!!!!!!!:confused:
"Big Ed"
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BadgerBob is usually lurking here all of the time.I hope everything is ok with him.:confused:
Me too!
maybe his Computer ,,,,CRASHED???:eek:
yea, I want to buy one of his tripods too. The money's burnin' a hole in my pocket.:D

I recieved an email from him last night!
All hope is not lost! :D
Big Ed.
I will have another batch of econo tripods ready within a couple weeks. If anybody is interested in one please e-mail me. They are $150 plus shipping.
Thanks, Badger Bob
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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