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There are two excellent CrankFire units that work great. It is "ohioblacksheep" (http://www.ohioblacksheep.50megs.com/catalog.html) and Emory's unit (http://www.crankfiresystems.com/Crankfire.htm).

Both operate and work as stated. It really boils down to which one you like better. I have one of each, and each one has it's own good points that make it a personnal opinion as to which is better.

Emory's unit is easy to operate, but on the large side. "Ohioblacksheep's" crank is easy to operate, small, and mounted low on the gun. You will get opinions that one is far superior than the other, but both are great units and do the job to make the 1919 FUN! Both are priced differently, so this is a factor too. You will not go weonf with either one.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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