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Looking for Prices on Rifles

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I have two rifles that I am considering selling but have little idea of their value. If any of you guys could help me out, I would appreciate it. The main gun I am looking for a price on is a Mauser, chambered in .243. It has double set triggers and 10x Unertle Ultra Varmint scope.

The other Rifle is a Springfield action, chambered in 22-250, jeweled bolt, and a matching Unertl 10x.

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Can't help ya on the value Roc Rat but I'm guessing the Unertl scopes are worth much more than the rifles.

That would be my guess, too. I know nothing about used and or antique scope values, but the rifles are in the $250.00 to $650.00 range, each. It's a shame, too, because the craftsmanship in the conversions is obvious.

If they were mine I would keep them and shoot them from time to time just for the pleasure of using a fine rifle. Someday you may run across someone who just has to have "that very rifle", but until then they are probably more useful than valuable.
Keep 'em....

Roc Rat....You DO NOT want to sell these. The scopes are worth MUCH more than the rifles....and the rifles are works of art ...probably done 50-60 years ago and impossible to reproduce today for less than $1,000.00...EACH. Those scopes are classic. Cannot find them today for less than $1,000.00. I agree with a previous statement.....keep 'em and shoot 'em. Someone may insult you and offer $400-$600 each. No matter what you paid...even if you got them for free...keep them....your children/grandchildren will bless your name... Took another look at the Mauser. Double set triggers are indicitave of pre-WW2 on the commercial Mausers. W/O my "blue book",guessing $2,500-$4,000 on just the Mauser...
Yeah,,, I don't know if I could bring myself to let them go,, they were both my father's,, the problem is, I have a hard time seeing the crosshairs on the Unertls,,, they are super fine and unless I have a light back ground, I'm out of luck. I have the original case forming dies for the 22-250, as when my Dad bought the rifle, it was a wildcat ctg and he had to make his own cases. I also live in the mountains and rarely get a hundred yard shot, let alone a 500yard one.
I guess I will have to get the dies out and roll some loads in memory of the old man :)

Something else that occured to me was to get a 308 Krieger barrel installed on the Mauser and keep the rest of the rifle unchanged

I mis-spoke on the case froming dies,, they are for the 243. They used, I believe, 6mm cartridges for making 243's at the begining.
Most guns i've sold i regret selling. If you can hang on to them i'm sure they'll be appeciated down the line. My philosophy is never sell a gun unless you absolutely have to or you just don't like the gun, period. Those look like keepers. I've hung on to a lot worse.
Dr Smeller has a good point . So far I have only traded one gun. I might have traded my Mom for all the good stuff I got. No regrets on trading that Russian ammo whore. I still have the first .22 my dad bought me and most of my grand dads guns. All except a few pistols his ***** 2nd wife didn't steal from his estate.
....One last thought...

Roc Rat....Don't re-barrel these fine rifles....instead,try to determine who the gunsmith was who might have done them. This info could increase the value of the rifles considerably. In any event....I'm repeating myself.....DON"T sell these outside your immediate family....Oh... and you can use .308 brass to make .243....very easy and no or little trimming
dude, the scopes are priceless and i would not sell the rifles either. jmo
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