Items For Trade:

Like all of you...I have been bitten by the 1919 bug. I'm hoping a fellow Floridian has a spare good running 1919a4 in 308/7.62 and would swap for a pile of non belt fed but still nice guns including but not limited to such classics as: a glock 24 long slide .40 S&W with tons of extras/ammo, shadow systems mr918, glock pattern spikes ar9 build, e.a.a. 9L compact, cz tactical sport 2 (super nice competition pistol with sub 2lb single action trigger), higher end heretic otf auto knives, or anything else I can try to tempt you with. I'm just looking for the 1919a4 and maybe some links or a cloth belt. Maybe a linker too. I plan on running an izzy a6 stock and bipod (I'll grab off apex) and dont really have room for a tripod unfortunately. Would be super cool if the left side plate was Israeli marked. If you're willing to help get a newbie into this awesome hobby I can send pics and would drive to meet almost anywhere in the state. Thanks for taking the time to read this and stay safe.

Will Trade For:

Semi auto 308/7.62 1919a4