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The drawings are from the original Spgfld Arm & RI Ars prints. They are full size working plans complete with heat treating and material specs and are a total of 8 sheets. This includes all receiver parts, trunnion, rails, channel, bridge & oper rod guide.

These are for construction of the FA M-60 but can be easily modified to the semi auto designs that are now in use.

The plans are non returnable for refund but the quality and accuracy of the prints are guaranteed.

The price is $115 per set including priority shipping to the lower 48.

Postal MO's and checks OK but checks must clear before shipment.

Email [email protected]

At some point in the future I will have plans and maybe parts available for a SA conversion that is much more efficent than what has been developed up to now. If anyone that has already purchased the receiver plans are interested in the plans for the semi auto build I will give a substantial discount maybe around 25%.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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