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M-I-N-O-N-G Wisconsin Shootfest

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OK, here it is, reposted under "Events" and spelled correctly.

The shoot will be on Aug 19th at the Safari club range just outside of Minong ,Wisconsin. The usual suspects have checked in, everybody welcome.
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Have you....

Have you got anymore info like a website for out of town folks to check out HotAK? This post is Sticky:D
I dont know of anybody that has a website that relates to the Minong shoot. There IS a gal in Minong that has a website with a webcam and everything . But that comes more under the heading of "things to do in Minong"

If you need details or directions post your questions here or mail me at [email protected].

This will have to sufice till we get a website.

I'll post a map here later on.
Wanted to get this back up there just to prove that I can spell.

Gary, the rats have gnawed away the part of my keyboard that allows me to post maps. You mind posting it again?
Based on MapQuest here is a map showing approx where the range is.

Actually you could just follow the signs, but this gives you a general idea

http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.ad.../> Minong, WI 54859, US&cid=lfmaplink2&name=

Go to Mapquest and type in Taylor Lake Road in Minong WI. The range is on TLR about a mile south of Hwy 77, just east of town.
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