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I just got back from the printer. Here are some photos of the proof copy. Of course, each copy will be bound. This proof just got put together this afternoon for my review. I gave the printer enough funds to start the press. The paper is on order and will be delivered on Monday. The printing press will start on Monday. Tentatively, the books will be delivered to me on Friday June 23rd.






M14 Rifle History and Development Second Edition by Lee Emerson copyright 2006. $70.00 check or money order to

Lee Emerson
P. O. Box 330636
West Hartford, CT 06133

Check or money order only, please. The book will be mailed USPS Media Mail rate with delivery confirmation to anywhere within the USA. Postage for foreign orders is extra. Foreign orders accepted for payment by International Money Order in US Dollars. E-mail me at [email protected] for foreign postage costs. I'm not set up for credit card or Paypal payment. 10 or more copies: $60.00 per copy postpaid to any address in the USA.

Specifications: Heavy 12 point soft cover, 422 (8 1/2 " x 11 ") pages made of gloss stock, 150,000 + total word count, 214 COLOR and 15 black & white photographs, Table of Contents, Bibliography, Appendices, 38 Tables and Foreword by Ted Brown. Copies will be dated and autographed.

The four color printing is very expensive. IMHO, the color photographs are more than worth the additional production cost. I'm the author, publisher and distributor so I'm able to drop the price below what it would be if offered through a mainstream publishing house. On the down side, this book is not available to distributors or book sellers. There's no margin left in the price.

This book is available for $4.00 (four US Dollars) on the M14 Rifle Library CD so everyone can get the information or if you want to go for a "test drive" before you buy the book. The M14 Rifle Library CD also has a lot of other cool M14 stuff (some parts drawings, military standards and specficiations, short articles from Different, etc.) Order from the same address for the CD.
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