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M1A M14 parts

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Years ago you could buy a vented hand guard made out of metal and powder coated black for these two rifles.
I have called and looked all over the web and i cant find anyone who sells these anymore.
Does anyone know who it would be that may sell these anymore ?
Not Freds ,on his web site anyone who says (if you are in a hurry to get anything ,don't order it from me) and people are saying it took 8 mths to get something ,i don't need to order from him.
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Hay Roc ,I was reading that the heat waves were a big problem.
The Walnut ones were nice looking ,but eventually they crack.
The FG vented are fragile and the waves are worse.
Metal ones work well ,but get very hot ,but they look the best.
The one i am talking about is one someone made in the 80s
out of steel.
The vents were on the side ,and the top was solid ,the article said it was the best one they had made but the rifle was phased out soon after that.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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