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M1A M14 parts

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Years ago you could buy a vented hand guard made out of metal and powder coated black for these two rifles.
I have called and looked all over the web and i cant find anyone who sells these anymore.
Does anyone know who it would be that may sell these anymore ?
Not Freds ,on his web site anyone who says (if you are in a hurry to get anything ,don't order it from me) and people are saying it took 8 mths to get something ,i don't need to order from him.
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I've never had a problem with Fred's,, normally get my stuff within a couple of weeks,, I checked Numrich,, they have em listed but are out of stock,,

More than likely, the reason for discontinuing the venlilated handguards was due to their fragility,, The other was probably because they did their job,, I have a HK 91, and a HB Izzy Fal,, and neither put out the same heat wave that my M1A does,, Looking thru a scope after firing twenty rounds is a challenge to say the least,, you might as well be trying to shoot thru a desert mirage for all the heat distortion there is. I can only imagine what it would be like with all those vents open.

I think before paying top dollar for one, I would go to work on a cheap handguard with a dremil tool and see what the effects would be.
I also have heard the the Scout forward scope mount,, the one that Springfield sells,, will act like a branding iron. Piece of steel bolted to the hottest spot on the barrel,, I like the idea of a forward mounted scope,, I have a nice Leupold extended eye relief pistol scope, but I can only wonder if it would last being exposed to that kind of heat.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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