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M37 stuff

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I have a retracting slide group and a backplate assembly for an M-37 that I have no use for. Also, a handfull of grip screws for the M2HB. I will sort through the misc. parts drawer and throw in some surprises.

High bidder gets it, and I will match the donation to the site. I will pay shipping and if not satisfied, will pay the shipping to the next bidder.


I like the concept of supporting the site with other people's money. Throw us a bone, here.
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$ 130.oo & 20.oo$ to the site. Buck fiddy total:D

@ the OP's discretion This is a $130 bid with a $20 donation on my part..to the site.. in the event of a win!

Seems like both partys envolved should help support the site YMMV:confused:
I think you don't understand, ALL PROCEEDS to the site, and I pay shipping.

Not so fast. I found some other stuff in the dust bins. I don't think I'm supposed to be doing an auction on the site. I'm hoping they will over look this.

I am on a road trip, but had the presence of mind to pack this stuff with my gear. In the last minute packing rush, I sorted through the bins and found a few more items that might make this 'grab bag' more valuable.

All proceeds go to Shots. Rory will launder the money, cause I'm on the road and can't deal with it. But I am in a good position to ship at a moment's notice while with my current client.

So far, John is high dog


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I leave my current work adventure on Friday. I'm going to ship to the high bidder Friday morning.

On what date do you plan on ending this... Is there a 15 minute rule LOL.....
You make good humor. It's tough, sometimes to choose who got there first, etc. on a hot item. I have some 'I'll take its ' on this, (PMs). And I respect the first come principal of marketing, bare motives............1) Get rid of some worthless **** that cost me nothing. 2) support the site with other people's money. 3) Make somebody all gooey about the Swiss ammo can the stuff comes in.
Curious, Ryland, if the brackets are drilled for the 1/4-28 screws or are the early version for 5/32 rivets?
Lucky, It looks like I do not have brackets, but have exactly what is pictured in a recent post. I think to make this device work, the 'U' brackets would be required. It's a no brainer part to make, or buy. Thanks for pointing out that I don't have those.
Ryland, from the pic you look to have the rear bracket, properly called the "guide" actually. I am referring to the brackets that mount the bar itself. I don't see the front guide, but they are easy to make. Also, the buyer will need to make the spacer that fits between the side plate and the "guides". The holes are just a matter of curiosity to me, as the early guns had rivets, later guns had screws.
It appears to be riveted, Lucky.

But like Nancy Pelosi said, just buy this kit and find out what's in it.

Seriously, I got this from our excellent brother Dave at Sarco. I was to experiment with an alternate charge system in my electric ring turret. I later rejected this idea and designed something different that would let the gunner charge the weapon from inside the vehicle, from down under.

Thanks for the interest in details.

I will go $210.
In all fairness, I said the bidding would stop Friday morning, and it did exactly that. This gentleman is the high bidder. Please PM me with a shipping address and a promise to foward the funds to the site. I will send the same matching amount, as advertised. Please report back to the board how you feel this worked out for you. If it's a happening thing, we will do more of this.

Thanks to the other members that expressed interest. You boys are the best. Shots ain't gonna get rich this way, but maybe we can help keep the lights on.

Rory, will you please launder the money and provide us both a mailing address for the checks? I know you have given it to me before, but I have a policy of NOT retaining addresses and such for your security. Pardon this minor PITA.

PM's sent to both Ryland and Rory.

Thanks guys!!!!
Please report to the board how this works for you. I want to perfect the concept of site sponsership with minimum cost to me. Can I get a witness?

Guys, go through your miscellenous drawer, box or bin and find cool grab bags for the membership. It won't cost you to support the site. (maybe shippping).

It's been working for me. I am frequently on the road and find our brother Rory very accomodating in processing details. Please cheer for him. I don't know what he does in the real world, but he makes time to support the site in ways other than apparant.

It is working just fine so far.

The only suggestion that I have at the moment on it is that in further benifit auctions, is to set a definite end date and time with a time zone stipulated. I have seen these types of auctions run on other boards before (not necessarily site benifit auctions), without that info and a lot if times it causes a lot of arguing and a big mess over who won what and what time zone was it supposed to end...blah blah blah. I also think that might bring in more people into putting their money into it and possibly higher monetary amounts if they know that information, which would only be even better for supporting this great forum!!!
Thanks for the excellent observation and suggestion. To be honest, I never considered the time zone thing. Gosh, do we use Zulu? GMT is the standard, afterall. I understand the problems that some 'auctions' might have, but this one has the unique quality of benefiting a happening little gig, and most of the players are gentlemen and the benefit objective in view is the site. Anybody that throws his hat in the ring here can expect fair treatment. There is no profit motive. This is a quality that 1919a4 board members enjoy, which varies greatly from other virtual places.

I will put some cool stuff in the box this comes in.

That would be -5 Romeo if we go by Zulu time?
The fellow made a good suggestion. But I can say most of us don't pick the fly **** out of the pepper, and this is all small stuff. I don't see any board members clawing the eyes of a competitor here. The firm close time, and specifically defined is a good thing. I also have .308 brass, berdan. Do I keep giving this stuff to the guy at the dump?

OH! Dang! I just found a bag of range debris including brass and Israeli links. Again, all 30.06, HXP and LC. Remember, the part bag of 50 BMG brass is a bonus teaser. So three bags, one all brass, one brass and links and one 20%bag of 50 BMG. Just bid per 30.06 round and the other stuff comes with it. Is this too kinky?

I've shipped our brass to members before, same terms. Can I get a witness? How did it work for you?

PM's sent to both Ryland and Rory.

Thanks guys!!!!
Materials shipped today.

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