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M4's under fire

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Military’s gun of choice under fire
Lawmakers — and some soldiers — question Colt’s lucrative M4 contract
on MSN now.
HK 416 here they come....
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I'm a PWS piston conversion dealer. I can tell you not all government agencies get to throw away money and some are looking at running our system in their guns rather than replaceing them.

I have to go to the range to do a government demo this Friday.
I work in several aspects of Government Fed, State, and local.......THEY ALL THROW MONEY AWAY!

What government needs a gas piston conversion other than MILITARY. These guys (FBI, DEA, State Local ETC) really do not put all that ammo downrange in a combat situation to really justify the conversion. While gas pistons are great, what is wrong with the M4 when the most ammo you put downrange is at a class or practice. All you have to do is keep one clean!

Although 416's rock!

Mags from HK are great, but too heavy to carry in a combat load. Rather carry the old alum ones and save some weight!
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