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Machining Details Need

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I am placing my order tomorrow and things can get started.
My co-builder is a machinist so that part is covered.
Problem is I am confused as to which parts need machining and where.
I have read the tutorial and received some drawing, but could someone please clarify the actual machining steps needed??????

Bolt Assembly - 0.07 machined off of RHS

Barrel Extension - 0.07 machined off also but where?

Lockframe - Weld up trigger Area and re-machined out to ____ for new trigger.
Do I then have to machine the trigger?

When I get an 80% RSP what machining is required????

If you have some good images to help let me know and I will sendyou my email.

Lets start here then we can go i


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here is the info: http://1919a4.com/blueprints/

you shouldn't need to weld the trigger area up depending on the trigger you use but you do need to machine some off the side of the lock frame.

you need to do the accelerator also, as to the sideplate most of the unfinished ones only require locating and drilling holes.

Good luck
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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