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McCain Won

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McCain won here in Florida. All the experts are saying that Florida's demographics mirror the whole country closer than any other state so what happens here might be indicative of the final primaries.

Although I like Romney better, I'm not sure he can beat Hillary in November. McCain might end up the best bet to keep our guns alive...at least for some period of time.
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I know i am hard on McCain , but in the late 70s when i was aboard the USS Kennedy i was in Aviation Ordnance.
Of course as a safety film they showed the Forestall disaster.
Back then McCain was sort of a nobody in politics.
I know he didn't start the fire ,an F4 had a Zuni missile launch by accident ,and McCain barely escaped with his life.
The problem i have is ,and now you will never read it ,but after the Ordnance on his aircraft went up ,an investigation found that it was pre armed and not pinned ,a problem they said was what was also the case on the F4.
When asked about this ,McCain became irritated and blamed the AO loaders , on the flight Deck.
The AO in charge an E7 ,said they pre arm only the Aircraft to be launched ,before going to the Cats ,and never unpin till on the Cats.
Some hot shot pilots would pull the pins during their pre fight ck. and pre arm only to make sure they had everything ready to go ,and wasn't flight Deck procedure.
No one was saying McCain did it , that isn't what the Navy asked him ,why did he act like he did ? That was the Scuttlebutt on even the Carrier i was on.
An old man here is a Janitor at a school ,his name is Carl.
He was in Damage control that day ,he was burned over 60% of his body and received a Medal.
Ask him about John McCain , Johnny instead of Grieving for his shipmates , went about blaming people who didn't even have anything to do with it ,like Carl ,who didn't move fast enough ,even though the skin was coming off his legs.
Yup , back then ,even with his war time prestige ,The only thing i ever heard attached to his name was ,he didnt support his men ,and he was a suck ass.
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Screw McCain

Screw McCain

His illegal alien loving , Gun grabbing, RINO,Ted Kennedy worshiping Liberal self

He's Incompetent and probably incontinent, Just another sellout
xls ,you know i am the same way , even in that training film it never said his name other than it being his Bird.
But it sure showed what was left of his aircraft , and the lack of pins ,that when pulled activate the launch cradle.
Mostly to show what not to do.
I guess i will vote for him , I just hope he doesn't pull our pins, and Pre Arm us on the 2nd amendment.
Then turn around and blame someone else, or some reason why he had to do it.
Two years from now i hope we are not saying all the story's were true.
But always remember ,Ted Kennedy ,Amnesty ,Executive order , Fiengold & McCain (higher taxes ) ,Bob Dole.
Well Romney hasn't lost yet. I am beginning to wonder if, as gun owners, we stand a better chance of holding Romney's AWB ban plans at bay that we do some of what McCain says he wants. I have zero trust in McCain, but Romney may or may not be safer. Just a gut feeling. I know a lot of folks in the political circles and on talk radio are serious about mounting an effort to stop McCain from taking it all on Super Tuesday. There are a ton of people with platforms that are going to be hammering him for the next few days. Either way, it ain't pretty for us! :rolleyes:

im really starting to have second thoughts on you guys if you TRUST ANY of these lying scumbags.

were you guys born under an apple tree?

im very worried for you if you think Romney is any better than any of these other crooks. he's just another lying sack of **** like the rest of them.
Here's what I hope. I hope that if McCain wins that he will then finally have the power to do what he wants and hopefully he will return to some conservative roots. Once he's in maybe he'll frustrate the anti gunners. Wishful thinking, but at this point I don't have much choice but to hope.
All over the place this is the hope people have ,for all of his faults ,it a choise of the devil you know VS the devil you don't.
McCains life is an open book , Romney came out of no where looking like a Kennedy.
I didn't even know who Romney was until all of this.
McCain did pull some strings when the Dept.of BLM wanted to ban hunting on some of their land in Az.
That little end run was shut down fast , he also did the ribbon cutting on shooting ranges that are open to the public.
I only know so much bad about him i stayed up last night looking for some good ,but it still shows how he can flip flop.
Some blogs say don't be surprised if McCain gets some pro gun endorsements.
On Governor Palins radio address , The lady standing in for her said that Sara had been approached by the McCain camp as to three names being considered for VP. Hannity said yesterday if this happens ,the left is finished for a long time.
It would look as though McCain owes no one ,it would go with his (a new republican party ).
Liddy said this would insure your right to bear arms for another decade.
She would kick the cowboy crap out of Edwards in the Debates ,Hillery and Obama watch her , and some wonder if that may be the motivation behind the Richardson rumor.
With Palin on McCains ticket ,and if the left didn't counter it some way ,it would be a republican landslide.
Romney ,hasn't contacted her ,but her name is sure being tossed around.
Let us pray ,it would be the smartest thing the Rep .ever did sense Reagan.
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.... Johnny, instead of Grieving for his shipmates , went about blaming people who didn't even have anything to do with it, like Carl, who didn't move fast enough, even though the skin was coming off his legs.
Yup , back then, even with his war time prestige, The only thing i ever heard attached to his name was, he didnt support his men, and he was a suck ass.
I hear about these things from a different angle, the pilots who flew with him. The generally accepted view is that he was a marginal stick and a raging jerk. Both Daddy and Granddaddy were Flag Officers (NAS Meridian, a.k.a. “McCain Field”), so he could get away with murder. When he was shot down, there were grins and giggles. That’s harsh.

John McCain is still an opportunistic, self-serving jerk.

Anyone remember the S&L mess, the “Keating Five?” Only one of those Senators bringing pressure (to look the other way) on Federal Bank regulators was GOP. His name was John McCain.

Because of the fortune his PAC received from the ATA as Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, he loved to demagogue my profession. He knew the truth; his kid is a pilot for American. They no longer speak.

McCain – Feingold Campaign Finance Reform (more aptly named the incumbent protection act), is a direct assault on the Constitution. If the right of the public to comment on the candidates prior to elections isn’t protected political speech, what is?

How much do you think the National Chamber of Commerce paid for immigration reform (more aptly named the alien amnesty and wage suppression bill)? McCain was front and center on that one too.

Did I mention he is an opportunistic, self-serving jerk?

I’m accustom to voting for the lesser of two evils, but this is getting ridiculous.

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MSG ,that is how i feel about him also , but the gun thing is hitting them in the butt and they know it.
Hannity said yesterday it buried Rudy .
I know Hillary will get Richardson ,she is smarter than the Bob Dole Republicans.
Young Wall Street Republicans feel Palin is one of them ,their age , she wasn't a Lawyer ,she balanced Alaskas budget in one year.
She has the only plan that can work for SS ,and the Medical problem.
First get the Lawyers and insurance company's under control.
She has said it is time to drastically reel in the Treasury Dept.
For those rooting for the republicans, the republican presidential ticket needs to be large enough politically, to bring along either the house or the senate as a majority.
While this might cause some gridlock on some other issues, it could very well serve as a blocking action to any future gun control.
A republican majority in either chamber would give a left of center republican president the political cover he would need in side stepping any future gun control measure's.
If a left leaning democratic ticket sweeps a majority of like minded democrats in, well, it would be time to bend over a kiss your a$$ goodby.
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