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MG-08 manuals in English

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First is the MG 08 parts manual, naming all parts of the MG 08 in German and English with pictures to show which part is which. Dolf Goldsmith provided the original manual, and suggested this would be a good thing to have in both languages together. I agreed, so I paired the original and English words. $9.

Next is the 1917 MG-08 & 08/15 manual on stoppages. Explains the symptoms, causes, and remedies for the most frequent causes of stoppages. $6.

The one you?ll really enjoy is the 1934 MG-08 weapon manual by Schmitt. The color fold-out in the back of the book shows both the German and English names of the parts. The fold-outs were expensive to get printed, but I think they?re worth it. $28
More details and pictures are on the manuals page of my website.

I have a deal on my website for all three together for $40, ask for the deal and it's yours.

Thanks to all for your support with translating these manuals.
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