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Mg3 Tripod

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Is There An Adapter For The 1919a4 Available To Mount On The German Mg3 Tripod? Can't Seem To Find Any Thread On This. Just Got My Mg3 Tripod From Rtg In Arizona.
Thanks For Any Info.
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There are a couple of members here who have made them. I use one made by brassmagnet and I love it. Get in touch with him, his e-mail is probably available on his profile. Or use the PM system.


Thanks For Your Help. I Have So Far Converted My 1919 To 8mm. Barrel From John Mc Guire. Have'nt Field Tested It Yet. Got Some Yugo And Romanian Surplus. Cheaper To Shoot Surplus, Although The Wife Is Not Convinced Because Of The Order I Made From Century Arms. I Got The Mg3 Tripod After I Saw The Picture Of Your 1919 On An Mg3 That Arisaka San Posted Before.it Was A Beauty! I Will Get Intouch With Brassmagnet For Sure. I Have Noticed That This 1919 Mania Is Really Getting Expensive.
Thanks Again For The Info.

Funny how that works. I swear I have more $$$ invested in my belt feds than in my mutual funds! :eek:

You are gonna LOVE that MG3 pod!
And You Think THAT's Bad...

MD4ZZZS, watch out also for the highly dreaded M2/3HB mania, another malady in the same biological family as the 1919A4 mania you have already contracted. It (as I have found out) is even more expensive.

Yep, I'll ill, REALLY ill:D

Mucho Invested Dinero

I Lucked Out On The .50 Cal Wagon. It's Probably A Blessing For The Wife And Baby. Terminator Banned It Before My Time With 1919's. Imagine The Time And $$$ Spent On A Surplus Piece Of Machinery, More Than I Did With My Other Guns. But The Fun And Excitement I Get Is Priceless. That Is What I Always Tell The Wife!
I Have Spent More Than Half Of My Life In The Garage. The Happiest Place In My House Right Now.
Brassmagnet made a 1919 adaptor for the MG3. I assume he still does.
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