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Anyone know where to get a WWII German MG42 kit for a decent price?

Anyone know of Florida Gunworks???? They have one for 800.00????
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Run from Florida gun works... nothing good has ever come from them. RUN!

What a decent price?

I would personally find a 3 cut Angola cut but they are over 1k... its worth the money...
"I have 2 mg42 rec's for sale. These Were cut by Dan, Angola. They come with trunion and rails. 1,200 USD each plus 20.00 S&H. Money order or check (have to wait for it to clear). Top one is a dfb 1943, Bottom one is a bnz 1943. Thanks for looking"


Here is a good one. Might have to post 5 times to see the FS forum on that site. Good luck! Get that and one of those $199 M53 parts kits... or look for something like that.
Yeah you need it. An original is hard to come by...


That is probably the best way to go if you get Kirks kit.

I am not trying to put his kit down but the less cuts the better! Rewelding 3 cuts is a lot easier then 4, 5, 6,7,,,,,454564 cuts :) That is why you find the difference in price.
The Camming section is the "middle" of the gun. Without it you would have a front and a back... :)

Have you been to MG42.us? If not, go there and read for 2 days straight. Then you may have an idea of what you are getting in to.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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