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I have discussed this subject with people thousands of times, if a violent/deranged person wants to carry out violent acts, there is NO law going to stop them, if they want a firearm, they're going to get one, seen this in several different cases in my area. Cops cannot be everywhere, that is where citizens USED to take care of problems without fear of imprisonment, I recall several interviews with violent felons, they said they feared a citizen with a gun more than they feared cops.

The ONLY thing that could deter the perp is the thought of "everyone" being armed, and even then, the perp might be stupid enough to try, an armed society WOULD remove them from the gene pool ASAP. There would be no repeat offenders there, no costly rehab or sitting in prison, just a bunch of busy morticians and a lot less criminals. Sure, we'd have a few losses on our side, not near what the perps would have, you sure as hell wouldn't see them walking down the street hand-in-hand with the very people who are supposed to keep them locked away. :mad:

The mentality of the American people has slumped, the education/legal/political system rotten to the core, for if it was as it used to be, no man or woman would be convicted of permanently removing a violent POS from society. You'd be hard-pressed to find a cop who would charge the citizen, a lot of free space in jails and prisons, now tell me which is the cost-effective solution, back to the old ways, or keep up this current mess until this country implodes? ;)
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