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We have made a small run of miniature semi-auto 1919a4's in 22LR for sale. I made them as a special run with our miniature spade grips already installed and tuned. The injected foam cushion is cut to fit the gun with the spades installed and the crate lid closes. (nornally the spade gripped gun doesnt fit in the crates) The guns are completed with ammo cans, 50rnd belts, tripod, T&E, crate, liner, signed manual...etc. The side plates are our side plates marked and miniature ordnance proofed. the steel checkered pistol grip can be included if you wish for an extra charge (so you'd have BOTH grips) These will be able to ship next week Thursday if you have your FFL/payment here on time.

total price is $3810.00 plus shipping of your choice.

I can arrange delivery at Knob Creek in a couple weeks to an FFL if desired.

Again, these are ready NOW, no waiting or deposits needed....

6 are available at the time of this post. No dealer discounts as there are not enough of these for any discount....unless you plan to buy all of them, then we'll talk. My distributors do NOT have these either.
Consecutive numbers are available. CVisa/MC accepted but the usual non-cash sale upcharge will apply. If you have any questions just ask.......


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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