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Mining Shootfest

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Once again this year my idea of a shoot on Hiroshima day has been voted down. The shoot will be held on Aug 19 at the Safari Club range in Minong, Wisconsin. FA, Tannerite OK, tracers depending on the weather conditions. Every one welcome.

There is a rumor that it might be hot. If anyone has a big fan or two they can bring , let me know at [email protected]

Those planning to attend chime in. See y'all there.
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I expect to be there
Ill show!

I know its such a long drive but you can bet ill be there ! Now if i can set up the P51 fly by that sure would be the icing on the cake .:cool:
Goose out
goose if ya want I can pick you up. and well split the gas. ha ha. Bob
Naturally I'll be there. I suggest we take up a collection and send Dutch back to school so he can learn how to spell Minong, for crying out loud.
Gas Fund

The ride would be great what time do you want to meet ? Pm me and let me know .:rolleyes:
Goose out
hey guys a couple of questions about the shoot. are we gonna be inside the shootin shack? i dont think we can run tripods all that well in there. i dont think there would be alot of room for all the people. also i can get some 21" lawn mowers to pulverize. let me know and ill make arrangments to cart them up

We will be out side so bring your own shade and water ! Also the fire danger is off the charts right now so if ya bring mowers make sure there drained out .Wait till you all see the shooting house the front is closed in and ,the shooting windows are all done you will just have to see it . :confused:

Goose out
PS Dutch this should be in Events am i right ?
Hopefully we can make it this time. More new stuff to wring out.

Only 9 days until the shoot...
The shoot

The fire danger is way down we have had lots of rain . Even some as i type !
Remember to bring shade if ya have it the shooting shack will only be used for BS`N If anybody needs parts sets worked bring them and i will Mail them back to you same deal as last time 60.00 plus the shipping .
Goose out
i hope that we have a good turnout. doesnt seem to be much action on this thread. i havent seen anyone chime in as to if they are comming. hope to see you all there
Bucknaked Racing said:
i hope that we have a good turnout. doesnt seem to be much action on this thread. i havent seen anyone chime in as to if they are comming. hope to see you all there

High gasoline and ammunition prices may be keeping some folks from comming to the shoot. Or it could be that many are tired of expecting me and One Shot Bob to show up, only to have their hopes dashed again and again. Or it could be confusing to some that the topic is headed "Mining" Shootfest" rather than "Minong Shootfest"". There wil be no actual mining involved, honest. Just good clean fun.

If there is anyone who plans to attend and hasnt chimed in so far, thats OK. Just drag ass in when ever you want to, I do it all the time. Dont, however, be suprised if Rangmaster Ed dont have enough MACE to go around, though.
one shot bob renamed as follows

one shot/ no show bob. perhaps redemption is possible. even if not deserved. time will tell. oneshot/ noshow bob
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