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Misc Items for Sale

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Please PM me if you are interested. Please note that some items are listed on GunBroker so you must contact me **before** there is a valid GunBroker bid. Buyer pays actual shipping from 16801. I can/will post more pictures if requested.

1. Springfield 1903, $525: **GunBroker item. You must contact me before there is a GunBroker bid.** This is an early US M1903 rifle manufactured by Springfield with a one-bolt finger-groove stock. The serial number range is 593,xxx and it has what appears to be the original issue barrel dated 12-14 and one-bolt finger groove stock. Most of the markings have been sanded off the stock but there are two faint proofs on the wrist. The upper handguard is the WWII variety. All the parts are milled, including all of the buttplate, bands, sling swivels, floorplate and trigger guard. The buttplate is checkered and the trigger is serrated. The bore is in good condition with some roughness in the last inch or so near the muzzle. Very minor pitting under the handguard. The rear sight base was replaced at some point. I'm not expert in finishes but the replaced rear sight base seems to be parkerized. The remainder of the barrel and action does not appeared to have been parkerized; there is not much original finish – perhaps less than 50%.

2. Lithgow No. 1, Mk III, dated 1942, $200. Coachwood stock, bore is dark but very shootable, matching numbers on all parts, no sn on magazine, import marked with BDL LTD, not a parts gun, about 50% finish.

3. Vickers Clinometer, $190: **GunBroker item. You must contact me before there is a GunBroker bid.** Australian WWII Vickers clinometer, Mk II. Used for sighting long range fire or a fixed line of fire for a Vickers .303 inch machine gun. The clinometer has a functional spirit level and knobs. The scale is graded in degrees. Payment by MO, buyer pays shipping. US sales only.

4. War art, $50: **GunBroker item. You must contact me before there is a GunBroker bid.** German Art Portfolio "Maler und Zeichner Schauen den Krieg" (Painters and Illustrators Show the War). This is a portfolio of 16 different illustrations from the German perspective of the early part of WWII. Each 13- x 10-inch sheet has a 6 ½- x 8 3/4-inch art print; some in color and some in black and white. They were assembled and published by the Wehrmacht propaganda company. Under the edge of each picture when the corner is lifted one can see a short description of the picture presented.

5. M2 Tripod Front Leg, $25. Original used but in good condition, no rust.

SOLD 6. 1919A4 barrel shroud and .30-06 booster, $30. Used in OK functional condition.

SOLD 7. M16 Barrel, GI, pre-1978 manufacture, $60. Original used in good condition. The only markings on the barrel is what looks to be a 9 (or 6) near the muzzle and a merged "MP" in the space under the front sight.
http://www.vickersmg.com/images/misc/barrel2.JPG (Very large file!)
http://www.vickersmg.com/images/misc/barrel3.JPG (Very large file!)
http://www.vickersmg.com/images/misc/barrel4.JPG (Very large file!)
http://www.vickersmg.com/images/misc/barrel5.JPG (Very large file!)
http://www.vickersmg.com/images/misc/barrel6.JPG (Very large file!)
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