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Monkey Goes Boom from Bullet Fest 7

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After a night on the town with "Greg from Ohio" this 6 foot inflatable monkey could take no more. He begged and pleaded for someone to put an end to his pain....Greg you naughty boy :) So....Base Rigger taped some tannerite to his belly and well you have to watch the clip to see what happens....


"Can you hear me now"


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Too funny.
How much

How much tannerite was used on that monkey.... That give me an idea...:D
Looks like a 1/2 pounder taped to his chest! Guess the monkey had a little ******* in him! :D Good one guys!
Which gives me

Which gives me an Idea but I will speak no evil now...:D That bullet fest range kinda looks like the places I went shooting before I joined my club. Kinda makes me feel like Im at home.:)

Is a half pound really enough or is that being a little skimpy:confused:

I only used 1 $6.00 stick that Scott Cousino was gracious enough to sell me from his personal stash
My Monkey !!!!

I did not have sex with that monkey.ive heard that before.but base riggers buddy frank blew it up and guess where the blow up tube was...frank was gonna go swimming with it aslo..i got someones can of goop from bullet fest..i nneded some..and it cleans dirty corroded barrels real good..takes care of the corrosive stuff..gregg
$6? Damn! It's a, "1/2 pounder". Not a stick guys. Great job BTW! :)

Think I have one of the kids old big blow up sponge bobs around here somewhere....hehehehehe

If any of the So Kals have anything, especially Satan Barney crap, shove them in a shooting bag so you remember to bring em out for the big one! Anyone have a Bob's Big Boy laying around that you stole in high school? We have to break the record anyway... :D
You know

You know walmart makes cheap seasonal targets... A santa claus can easily be converted into an osama bin laden with a little dye and some white sheets;)
Fill the inflatible with a mixture of oxygen and acetylene.


Hmm, my dad has a blow up "doll" left over from a truck driver party that mom wants him to get rid of...

Heck, just tie that tanny to an LP tank :eek:
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