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MP31 Soumi Build

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well the PPSH41 came back from Sherman and is off getting sandblasted and ready for final finishing, the mg42 just needs a bit more tweaking in regards to bolt fit before its ready. so ive decided to start the next one and i think my welding skills are up to it this time. so i looked at all the kits i have and decided to pick the next one to complete, the vickers is way to hard and im a bit short on cash plus i would need to send parts to sherman and he is backed up as it is. the MG34 is still at conrads so no need to start another kit. there is no semi auto Breda M37 design (yet). ill save the pile of ppsh41 parts just for back up, the VZ58 is on its way but i don't have the money for a receiver, so that left me with the Soumi and the bren. basicaly i cant afford to do the bren.

now ive always really liked this gun every since i got it and would rather have it than a ppsh41 but there is no common design for it.

so, im looking for any information/threads about this build. i can only find minimal to nothing regarding this.

if anyone has completed on of these i would love to see a photo.

thus far i have ordered another receiver ($20) to use as filler sections and handpick the best pieces from each and would like to do a re-weld. from looking at it i could either weld a block similar to the PPSh41 receiver or fill in a section all the way around to make a sort of partail reduced deminsion in a section. both ways would effectively keep a FA bolt for being able to go back in.
i was planing to have my bolt modified for semi auto by whoever the hell does like. (i think prexis does) and order a semi auto trigger group from the guy who got his design approved. course i am not sure if it is a AR15 set up but i think it is which is what i'm looking for.

let me know if you have any thoughts or advice on this because believe me there not much out there.
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sent you a pm on this and will wait to hear from you.
yes Greg has the approved build and its very good.

and it uses Prexxis' bolt.

so does Prexxis' own design of tube set up.

you can do a reweld but unless your using your own bolt with denial rail i'd totally advise you against it.

if you have a great kit that can be rwelded then you could insert the rail as you go and then mill the bolt to match and mill out all the paths for the goodies...

then it would be all about the barrel or going a SBR.

if you do all the work your self and have great parts you can do this for around $250.

or you can go all out and have it an approved build for around $500 total

its all about what you want.
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ok you are picking up on some of the early thoughts already....

yes on my first one i welded in a rail exactly there and just mae the cut out for the site rail go all the way.

then you still have to drill the FP and do the bottom of the bolt for the hammer path.


and that my friend is an understatement... Mike will NOT make a regular size bolt and thats a pretty easy thing to see why.. so your also gonna have to be careful for compliance stuff here as well.

yep i'll call you tomorrow about the ppsh.

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