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Hello again from NY. Want to start a thread that would timeline my build for you guys to follow along. I'm learning along the way. I have CNC machines, grinders, a dremel and no fucks to give, so i'll make it work.

Started off with an 80% RSP from StenParts that I bought back in 2018 as a bday gift to myself. It sat forever because I just didn't have time for the project.


Finally this year I made time for it and had some extra play money so I picked up an Israeli parts kit off GB


I was excited but really had no idea what I was doing. It was my first belt fed gun I've ever built, worked on, or owned. I did a lot of reading. Played a ton of World of Guns to learn the assembly / disassembly of the firearm. Next up was to machine the right side plate...

I loaded up the PLATE OF SACRIFICE into the mill, wrote the program and let her rip.


I forgot to take pics of the RSP all done on the mill... oops. Anyways, I started taking apart the parts kit....


Then in all my infinite wisdom, Murphy's law and all, I realized I did my math wrong on the holes for the rivets.... FML

So I welded them back up!


Just as gūd. You can see my milling there too.

Time for a test fit!


After grinding the welds and re-running the correct program... I took it over to the laser to engrave it. I tried my best to follow the original document specs for engraving and font.


That brings us up to yesterday! I grabbed the rivets and tool that I got from @MSG, my HF air hammer, made a quick bucking bar from some 4140, and got to pounding.


Current issues.....

  • Other than the trunion rivets, I'm not sure which go where for the top plate, cartridge stops, etc.
  • I think I need to file my front trunion slot a little because I think its tweaking the trunion when its in there and the rivets don't slide through easily
  • The barrel should was soldered on, so I need to find a good way to clean all the solder off the threads.
  • I think I'm missing a trigger return spring.
  • I removed the spacer from the trunion and I have a full 5/8 hole up front. I will either need to make a pintle or modify one.
  • Tripods, T&E's and pintles are hard to find and expensive!

Other than the small issues. I'm very happy with the build so far! This community on here is great also! Thanks for reading! More to come!

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They make a bushing for that trunion hole that way you don't have to modify it. Iron Creations has them.
Nice work
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