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Mystery Bayonet....

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You guys heve been kicking a** with everything else... So here's one more.

Mystery Bayonet
Blade length approx 17"
OAL approx 21"
Tried to show the stamp that says "India"...

My guess was muzzleloader but honestly, I have no information upon which to base my assumption.

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take it from KABARNAC! nail on the head! :D
The problem with that is most of these young punks won't have a clue who that is or what he's talking about!!!
So how many of you "young punks" watched the show before "Karnac" Carson took it over? I did. I remember in particular an interview that Jack Parr did with a new, young rebel leader who had just defeated a corrupt dictator and taken over his country. When Jack asked him if he in turn would become a dictator, Fidel got excited and said he would NEVER become a dictator. Too bad Karnac wasn't there to respond.
Ok Old guy you win.... ;)
I wasn't even born when he interviewed Castro, what was that, 1959? :eek:
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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