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Need a parts diagram for a 1918 loader

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Need a parts diagram for a 1918 belt loader. I need to locate some parts and cannot buy them until I learn what their names are
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contact Len, he has made up the manuals and is making spare parts for these
COuld you send it too me on email. Mil computers have some much control software, I cannot get to half of the sites, and cannot see but about 3 of the pics
M1918, Belt Filling Machine

My thanks to 30calmachinegunner for the plug and to the gentleman for the diagram. Numbering system is as follows: top diagram, left side,pin A7982 is #1 to shaft B6344 #17 ...right side..screw A7998 #18 to lever C64124 #37. Below diagram...cam B6349 #38 to frame D1263 #43...right side spring A8009 is # 44 to spring A8007 #50. Last diagram...guide B6347 #51 to Bar B6555 #54...right side... spring A8004 #55 to screw A8014 #60 ...below....guide D35386 #61 to handle A8017 #68. The ONLY inconsistancy I have found is #13,a screw that I've NEVER seen on any machine so far. Hope this helps....suggest that anyone who has a 1918 belt loader COPY THIS for future use....or get my manual that has these diagrams blown up and has the nomenclature and functions included. Forgot to include that the Colt/Argentine 1928 loader has the same internal parts......
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