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need clevis pins or something close

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well the gatling gun 10/22 set up that i got from shots was missing a few pins. easily could have gotten lost in shipping or storage. totally not a big deal. however i need them.

they are 3/16 diameter 1 1/4" long need 2
this is to replace the pin that holds the trigger pack in to a 10/22 reciever. but needs to have the larger diameter head so it will not fall out

and 1/8 diameter hell an inch long would be fine i will have to cut it down a touch though i think need 2 of these too
these are for the trigger retaining pin and the mag release button pin.

i looked at mcmaster carr but honestly i have no need for 25 of each of these.
woudl these be easy to find even at a lowes? or is there a better pace to order these from without having to get a blue zillion of each?

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can the 3/16" rod be smushed out on one end? it is so it does not fall out while the guns are on their sides. i can probably get the 3/16" at like lowes maybe, it is the 1/8" that i am foreseeing trouble with
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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