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need clevis pins or something close

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well the gatling gun 10/22 set up that i got from shots was missing a few pins. easily could have gotten lost in shipping or storage. totally not a big deal. however i need them.

they are 3/16 diameter 1 1/4" long need 2
this is to replace the pin that holds the trigger pack in to a 10/22 reciever. but needs to have the larger diameter head so it will not fall out

and 1/8 diameter hell an inch long would be fine i will have to cut it down a touch though i think need 2 of these too
these are for the trigger retaining pin and the mag release button pin.

i looked at mcmaster carr but honestly i have no need for 25 of each of these.
woudl these be easy to find even at a lowes? or is there a better pace to order these from without having to get a blue zillion of each?

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I may have something in the shop, I will look tomorrow, I do have some 3/16" rod, if there is any way it could be used. I know I have 1/4" clevis pins, but not sure of the smaller ones.
I will look, I may have it to, I have hundreds of feet of all sizes. I could form a head if needed.
I have the 3/16 and 11/32. i thought I had something smaller, but it was the 11/32. another Idea you could use is steel pop rivets, just grind off the aluminum part, it will have the round head on the other end to keep it in place. if any of the stuff I have will work let me know, its yours.. Jeff
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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